2014 - / prototype


With Sarah Garcin, Benjamin Riollet and Nicolas Couturier in the framework of arthackday : disnovate at Parsons Paris. Photos : Luca Lomazzi.

After being liberated by mechanization and computers of task that involves bodies, you need new reason to move. You can exercise, but you may sometime feel like an astronaut doing useless moves to survive in an unfamiliar environment. How to live and move simultaneously ? Here is a power stripe switched by a motion sensor ( the one you can have for your garage’s lightning ). You can plug a large range of devices. Every 5 seconds if you don’t move it will switch them of. Imagine a party where the musics stops if nobody dance, a cell phone that need movement to recharge or a fan that needs motion to ventilate on a hot summer...

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DISMOVE as shown at arthackday/disnovate final exhibition at parson school paris.


avec Cécile Tonizzo