mètre mètrologue

autonomous subjective instrument

2014 - / prototyope

Built with the help of Alexandre Saunier (version 1) and Julien Gargot (version 2)
This project was presented in Ars Electronica (linz, austria) in 2015.

A folding meter is moving by folding and unfolding himself. Lost he tries to understand the space he was released and doesn’t understand what he has to measure and even he has to measure.

His motorised joints are also sensors. He can feel the resistance of the objet he is touching. When the resistance is too strong, he stops and moves and other joints. By combining the space specific obstacles and his sensibility emerges behaviour. He doesn't have any digitalised version of the space in a hidden memory nor he has any goal, instruction or machine learning advanced algorithms. All that can be seen come from the observer who projects on him intentions base on his moves.

It's a new kind of scientific tool who doesn't try to be smart, small. He just affirms his autonomy and subjectivity.

The project was designed with the help of the « MisB KIT » developed by EnsadLab/Reflective Interaction team, Samuel Bianchini (dir), Didier Bouchon, Cécile Bucher, Martin Gautron, Benoît Verjat et Alexandre Saunier with the support of Labex Arts-H2H and Fondation Bettencourt Schueller (Chaire Innovation et Savoir faire)